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you with the best beaches

Cefalu and Sicily await

and with so many

breathtaking landscapes


No wonder it’s one of Sicily’s favourite. Cefalu' accessible disabled tours.


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Glenda & Steven Scheer

Land of treasures and beauty

Land of treasures and beauty

Our Testimonials

Land of treasures and beauty

River Forest - USA
20th October 2017

Three years ago, after major back surgery, I cried for several days believing I would...

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Deborah Hichey

Land of treasures and beauty

Land of treasures and beauty

Our Testimonials

Land of treasures and beauty

Dublin - Eire
11th October 2016

We've been on 4 trips with Vincenzo, Sorrento, Florence, Bologna Sicily...



Cefalu' Accessible Disabled Tours

Sicily's undiscovered jewel.

For a small town is dramatically sited on a headland, under a great, sheltering, rocky outcrop overlooking the Aeolian Islands.

Cefalù offers a great deal, including sandy beaches, winding Medieval streets flanked with all manner of shops.

Excellent restaurants serving the freshest fish.

Last but probably first, its unique Norman Cathedral and its glorious mosaics, peer into the pretty churches that dot the Medieval District.

In the beginning, it was probably just a fortress belonging to the Himeraeans.

The area may have been first peopled by refugees after the destruction of Himera.

Touring Cefalu'

The way Cefalu' currently looks, however, is basically due to the Normans.

When the legendary Roger II decided to move his court from Palermo to Cefalu', in order to gain favor with the Pope he decided to give the city and the catholic church a cathedral.

The old town is a warren of narrow streets fanning out from Piazza del Duomo.

A pretty square with footsteps at one end leading up to the Norman Cathedral.

Cefalu' is dotted with restaurant terraces where you can eat pizza or sip an espresso in the shade of palm trees.

Because of its beauty, Cefalu' is a perfect setting for films, music videos, and television commercials.


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The energetic ambience and stunning scenery of this popular town are a great combination, making it the perfect wheelchair users and disabled travelers destination, for those seeking culture by the coast.

Cefalu' accessible disabled tours unmissable visit at it with our Sicily Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport