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Built in the second half of the XVI century by the Company of San Francesco in San Lorenzo, established in 1564.

It is accessed from an open courtyard with a fountain, onto which the rectory rooms overlook.

The Oratory has a hall with a large rectangular chapel and of notable value.

It is the very rich stucco sculptural repertoire that adorns the walls, created between 1699 and 1706 by Giacomo Serpotta, where scenes from the life of Saint Francis are depicted placed in the large panels on the right side of the building and, on the opposite wall are those illustrating episodes from the life of St Lorenzo.

All further embellished by a sequence of cherubs and friezes, which introduce a cheerful and lively note.

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The three reliefs on the entrance wall are dedicated to the prayer and martyrdom of St Lorenzo and the stigmata of St Francis.

Eight large allegorical figures of Virtue are arranged along the longitudinal walls.

Two others, Charity and Hospitality, are placed on the sides of the arch that introduces the large chapel, on which the figure of St Francis receiving the cord of the Order.

The altar, with a marble and gilded bronze table, was created based on designs by Giacomo Amato.

On the back wall, flanked by pilasters and concluded by a curved tympanum, there was the Nativity created by Caravaggio in 1609 and stolen in 1969.

The church preserves valuable ebony wall seats inlaid with mother of pearl and other furnishings.

Until 1969, the year in which it was stolen, the main altar housed a valuable canvas painted by Caravaggio.

Recently the work returned to its place with a very faithful reproduction, created in a single example with techniques with very high technology capable of perfectly rendering every single detail of the original.

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