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Isola Bella wheelchair accessible tours, is the pearl of the Mediterranean, is an island located a short distance from the coastline of Taormina, a famous Italian town in the province of Messina.

The island can be admired in all its splendor from the viewpoint of Taormina, from this natural terrace leads to a small path through the characteristic steps and little alleyways descends Mount Tauro until you reach the Nature Reserve.

It 's the remarkable proximity to the mainland that allows this marine outcrop to be connected during the periods of low tide, the beach front was almost a peninsula rather than a short strip of land completely surrounded by the sea.

This pearl of the Ionian Sea, as it is called, is now home to a Marine Reserve, after having long been the subject of purchase and charming possession by many noble personalities, including foreign ones.

The management of the reserve, a relevant time of the WWF, has recently passed under the control of the province of Messina, who daily guarantees its beauty.

Isola Bella has received its name from the german Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden in the XIX century, and today maintains this reputation through the protective charm in the reserve.

As far as the flora, in a fine example of Mediterranean vegetation, while the seabed reserve large marine varieties and shipwrecks and other archaeological finds.

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Also to Isola Bella it is the Mediterranean scrub and there are also rare exotic plants, imported by its original owner, the eccentric Miss Trevelyan.

A stretch of coastline of rare beauty, characterized by clear, cooling waters, a favorite destination for many tourists.

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