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Ispica Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Ispica wheelchair accessible tours, is a wonderful city in Sicily in the province of Ragusa, it has extremely notable and important monuments and buildings both on an artistic and architectural level.

An ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and relaxation while enjoying the beauty of the pleasant, clear and crystalline sea and at the same time for those who need to immerse themselves in culture.

The beauty of Ispica is also shown through its enchanting baroque Churches which make it unique by also including it in what is called the circuit of Baroque Cities as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Nature does not fail, it is what profoundly distinguishes this wonderful city, with nature reserves and various parks.

One of the unmistakable symbols of Ispica is the XVIII century style Basilica of St Maria Maggiore designed by the architect Sinatra.

Among the numerous attractions within the historic center, in addition to the aforementioned Basilica, you can visit the Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata, the Mother Church of San Bartolomeo and the Church of Madonna del Monte del Carmelo.

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Ispica is also famous for its wonderful beaches, an ideal destination for all lovers of the sea and water activities with the beach of Santa Maria del Focallo in particular having been recognized with the Blue Flag.

Immediately outside the town you can also admire the Cava Ispica or the archaeological site of considerable importance, inside a cave there are many archaeological finds such as amphorae, vases and other ancient objects.

The Cava D'Ispica with its 13 km extension is the most important quarry in Eastern Sicily, and reaches up to the Municipality of Modica.

Here there are a series of rock dwellings, inhabited from prehistoric times until 1800.

Eating in Ispica is always a unique experience, there are many local restaurants and trattorias, the always very kind and hospitable staff offers tastings with typical local products every day which are always extremely tasty and genuine.

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Ispica wheelchair accessible tours.

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