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Castiglione di Sicilia Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Castiglione di Sicilia Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Mount Etna excursions to Castiglione di Sicilia wheelchair accessible tour overlooks the Alcantara Valley, with the slopes of Mount Etna in the background.

Its territory extends from the wonders of the volcano park, with all the magnificence force of nature.

Here summarizes all uniqueness of the landscape of the Alcantara Valley, with its spectacular depth.

The village, one step away from heaven, seems want be the synthesis of this area.

Perfect combination of four basic elements.

Water, the one of his river Alcantara.

Earth, one of his countryside.

Fire, the eternal one of the volcano.

And air, the clean and transparent that you can breathe here.

Castiglione di Sicilia History

The history was founded probably around 403 BC, when the exiles of Naxos, defeated by Dionysius of Syracuse, went up the river Alcantara, increasing probably the meager existing settlements in the area.

Castiglione di Sicilia wheelchair accessible tour was, in that time a first period of splendor, which was followed by the rules of the Roman Castrum Leonis and then to affirm itself in the Norman period.

Castiglione di Sicilia Today

Mount Etna excursions to Castiglione di Sicilia wheelchair accessible tour most characteristic part of the city is undoubtedly the medieval village with its narrow streets and palaces.

Also worth seeing are the Byzantine Cuba, religious temple of the VII century.

The monumental churches of the old town, such as Sant'Antonio Abate XVIII century.

With precious marble inlays the Basilica of the Madonna della Catena XVII century, a Greek cross structure with Gaginiana sculpture.

Mount Etna Wines

Medieval city already rich in towers, churches and palaces, known for its Mount Etna wines.

Castiglione di Sicilia attracts more and more wine tourists seduced by the aromas of the most prestigious DOC wines.

Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Cataratto, Carricante and Nero D'Avola.

Castiglione di Sicilia was identified last year as home of the Region for Eastern Sicily ( and welcome it should just be the Castle of Lauria, when the restoration works are completed ).

Initiative comes as a further opportunity for development of "Wine Roads" in the medieval town is as milestone stops for the industry.

Other typical productions, much sought after by the confectionery industry, sweet tooth travelers visiting Castiglione di Sicilia, are hazelnuts.

Mount Etna excursions to Castiglione di Sicilia wheelchair accessible tour has strong traditions for wine and food cuisine, which has its roots in the ancient culinary traditions of the peoples who have passed here.

The invitation to commit some sin of gluttony, is addressed to us, with bewitching lure.

Maccaroni homemade, seasoned with pork meat sauce and ricotta cheese.

Baked by "tagghiani" nettle and wild rabbit, pork, mutton, lamb and goat, all grilled.

Just as there wink cheeses, sausages and canned mouth-watering, or exquisite sweet delicacies such as "cuddureddi", rice donuts, "sciauni" ( fresh ricotta pancakes ), hazelnut paste, almonds and pistachios and all accompanied by a good and robust glass of wine doc of Mount Etna.

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