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Piazza Armerina Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Piazza Armerina Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Piazza Armerina Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The town of Piazza Armerina is on the Erei Mountains inland from the Gulf of Gela.

The city is surrounded by the forests of the park hums and many areas of natural interest such as Olivo Dam and the archaeological site of Mountain of March, also in the countryside.

Nearby, also, it is the Lake of Pergusa, located inside the enchanting eponymous reserves.

Piazza Armerina wheelchair accessible tour, splendid art city, set in the center of the island, has a long series of monuments that tell a glorious past.

Touring Villa Romana del Casale

The pride of the town is the Villa Romana del Casale, dating from the late IV century AD and it belonged to a powerful Roman family.

The beautiful imperial villa, in the province of Enna.

Is a magnificent country house, whose charm is mainly due to the beautiful mosaics, considered the most beautiful and best preserved of their kind.

The result of a meticulous work made of clear images and exciting, significantly enrich the remains of the sumptuous residence.

The old villa, for its beauty and the exceptional wealth of architectural and decorative elements, can be considered one of the most significant examples of representative mansion.

Dating from 320-350 AD the villa would have belonged to a member of the Roman senatorial aristocracy, probably a governor of Rome.

Built and expanded on direct patronage of a high imperial official, identified as Massimo Erculeo, a tetrarch of Diocletian.

The lifestyle of the house owner is celebrated by this series of floor and wall mosaics and is manifested, with richness and eloquence.

In every room of the house showing obvious stylistic influences from Africa, which led to think of the presence of African craftsmen among the workers.

In the mosaics stand out different styles and narrative cycles.

One for the mythology and the Homeric poems, the other with references to nature and to the Roman aristocracy everyday scenes.

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Piazza Armerina wheelchair accessible tours.

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