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Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours
Ragusa Ibla Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours

Ragusa Ibla Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours

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Ragusa Ibla Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours

Separated from everything else that surrounds it by a deep gorge, Ragusa Ibla seen from afar appears like an Eden carved into the rock, with such mastery that you can waste hours admiring it.

Not only that: it is as beautiful from afar as it is magnificent among its stone streets, where you can get lost among baroque buildings and churches, gigantic portals and underpasses that seem like secret passages.

In Ragusa Ibla you can walk among the places of Montalbano, between the square and the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the Circolo di Conversazione and the splendid Giardino Ibleo.

Nestled between the Iblean Mountains, Ragusa and the towns of its province climb up the hills in a succession of layers of humble houses, aristocratic palaces and refined churches with soaring bell towers.

Fruit of the rebirth following the tragic earthquake of 1693, the Baroque of South Eastern Sicily will appear to you in all its magnificent nuances and contradictions.

Among bright squares, festive ornamental gardens, winding alleys and clusters of houses.

Accessible Montalbano Locations

This is one of the most used areas in the filming of the Inspector Montalbano TV series and in particular Ragusa Ibla, which is the oldest part of Ragusa, with a Cathedral Square that leaves you speechless, as well as the Church.

The Church of Santa Maria delle Scale and some glimpses of the Giardino Ibleo also often appear in the film's scenes.

One of Montalbano's most loved places is the Trattoria da Calogero, where he often stops to satisfy his hunger.

The place really exists, it is located in Ragusa Ibla.

Another important place that we want to mention is the Donnafugata Castle: here numerous dialogues take place between Inspector Montalbano and the mafia boss Balduccio Sinagra.

he garden labyrinth appears in the episode The Trip to Tindari.

Also in Piazza Duomo there is another of Inspector Montalbano's locations.

It is The Conversation Club or Knights' Café, a splendid building from 1850 built in neoclassical style.

Over the course of the various seasons, this location has been used as a set several times.

The first time it appears in the episode Il Cane di Terracotta, when Inspector Montalbano goes to disturb Doctor Pasquano during a game of cards.

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Ragusa Ibla wheelchair Montalbano accessible tours.

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