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On the hills in the middle of the Belice Valley, in the province of Trapani, we find Salemi.

Known in Roman times as Halicyae, it was a center linked to Segesta in the struggle against Selinunte.

It was the Arabs who gave it the name of Saleiman and under their rule it became an important and flourishing city in which agriculture developed consistently.

The development then continued with the Norman period during which Salemi was equipped with a castle.

Piazza Alicia where the Norman - Swabian Castle is located, built by the Normans between 1070 and 1130, located at the highest point of the city.

In the same square are the evocative remains of the former Mother Church, strongly damaged by the earthquake of 1968, which caused the fall of the roof and walls.

The current Mother Church is a little further on and is dedicated to St Nicholas.

Its façade in Baroque style is enriched by tufa columns while inside it has been set up a Civic Museum that collects the religious works saved by the earthquake.

First Italy Capital

The story also recalls Salemi as the first capital of Italy.

When Garibaldi arrived, after having landed in Sicily with the Thousand, he placed the flag of the Kingdom of Italy on top of the tower and proclaimed Salemi capital, a title that he held for one day.

The earthquake that struck the Belice Valley in 1968 also affected severely Salemi, which was later rebuilt towards the lower part of the hill on which it is located, a part that is in fact called New Town.

The historic center of the city is of particular urban interest due to its typically Arabic layout, with narrow alleyways, dead ends, steep stairs and courtyards.

The Castle, which was built in the XII century by Frederick II of Swabia, is located in a strategic position high to dominate the territory.

In the center of Salemi, you reach on the right the Jesuit College, built in 1652.

Together with the Jewish Quarter, the college is the main attraction of the medieval town.

The popular feeling of solidarity, mixed with religiosity, finds its maximum expression in the traditional, colorful and artistic feast of the dinners of St Joseph held on March 19.

The Feast of St Joseph is certainly the religious moment most felt by the population.

For months in the houses the bread of St Joseph is prepared of real works of art.

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