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A few km from Ragusa is a pearl and overlooking the sea on the south coast of Sicily: we are talking about Scicli.

Is located at the confluence of three valleys ( Val di Modica, Santa Maria la Nova and St Bartolomeo ), known locally as Cave.

The nature of the place is characterized by a rocky landscape, full of caves, which greatly favored the human presence in these places.

Since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the findings of Grotta Maggiore, to arrive at the age Greek and Byzantine, which remains significant vestiges.

The origins of the name refer, some say the term Scicli would indicate the ancient people of the Siculi.

Also known to Egyptian sources, according to others it would be possible to identify this center Casmene, one of the sub colonies of Siracusa.

It 'still certain that Scicli enjoyed a rich and strong even after the past, both in the Arab Norman age.

Touring Scicli

Baroque, which in Scicli some of his best fruits, has brought the city the privilege of being recognized as a UNESCO site, along with the other towns of Val di Noto.

Among the civil architecture must first of all remember the Palazzo Beneventano.

Sitting at the foot of Colle San Matteo, the Palace shows two tables elegantly decorated with masks irreverent.

For architectural elegance is similar Palazzo Fava.

It is the prospect of Italy Square and on Via St Bartolomeo offers a spectacle through the Baroque balconies decorated with griffins and a medieval style and Mannerist monsters.

The examples of civil architecture with the Palazzo Spadaro unmistakable curved table below the trend of the old course..

Sicilian Baroque

Of course the art of Scicli reaches its maximum expression and also peculiarly religious architecture.

The St Nicholas Church.

Bartholomew the Apostle is a treasure chest, the facade tower built in the XIX century.

The original core of the church dates from the XV century, and the interior of a Greek cross, has a single nave with a valuable stucco cycle realized in the XVIII and XIX centuries.

The Church of St John the Evangelist is a true play of lines with the facade with the concave and convex face of three orders, which refers to the influence of Borromini.

Scicli offers an incredible mix of sacred and secular architecture.

The visitors can realize the greatness of the past only walking for its remarkably artistic way.

Not forgetting to explore the caves of the district, with their testimonies of an ancient never forgotten.

The before mentioned Colle San Matteo stand the ruins of a Castle.

Probably built on an earlier Byzantine fort, fortification that made the ancient settlement difficult to conquer.

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