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Sicily Wheelchair Accessible Assistant Carers Services
Sicily Wheelchair Accessible Assistant Carers Services

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Sicily Wheelchair Assistants and Carers

If you need daily or full day service for personal hygiene or health support during your vacation in Sicily, we offer tailor-made, quality assistance with expert operators to support the elderly, sick or disabled people by the hour or continuously, both day and night.

Through our tourism service and our decades of commitment we have organized stays in Sicily wheelchair assistants carers, for all tastes in various seaside and hilly locations.

Accessible and assisted tourism conceived as a set of services, facilities and attention that can welcome and understand any tourist with disabilities and/or specific needs for a pleasant and safe holiday.

Our accessible holidays aim to facilitate and make the tourist experience possible for wheelchair users people, elderly people and in general for all the people who will participate through a set of services and attention to individual needs.

Sicily Accessible Tours provides a holiday program that will guarantee, according to the guest's needs, the necessary help and assistance.

The type of assistance will be chosen and agreed through direct discussions with customers and services and through video chat discussion to evaluate the service best suited to you.

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