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Taormina Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Traveling Taormina wheelchair accessible tours, on the Eastern coast, is one of the most famous cities, internationally known, of the Sicilian island.

Between sea and mountains landscape and marine beauties are enough to enchant the many visitors, but there is more.

There are historical monuments, there is good food, there are lovely Palaces.

To make it even more enjoyable is the great weather, mild even in winter.

The origins of this beautiful city date back to 700 BC.

The city, according to Diodorus, was founded in 396 BC by Sicilian natives under the name of Tauromènion from Tauro Hill on which it stood.

Dionysius the Elder, ruler of Siracusa, occupied it in 392 BC.

Although its final formation occurred in 358 BC when a certain Andromachus picked up the survivors of Giardini Naxos and led them on Mount Tauro.

The city was conquered by the Romans In 263 BC and after the fall of the empire it was occupied by the Byzantines.

In 902 AC Arabs completed the conquest of Sicily occupying the last stronghold and calling it in honor of the last caliph Muizz, 'At Muizziah'.

Touring Taormina

The most important monument of the city of Taormina is the Greek Theatre, second largest after that of Siracusa, but unique and invaluable to the feelings that can evoke in the visitor.

The building dates back to the Roman rule was extended and modified to the bloody spectacles of gladiators.

Wander through the streets of Taormina is a unique experience for the visitor.

There are so many buildings of great historical and artistic importance.

Palazzo Duca di Santo Stefano, the Old Abbey or the Palazzo Corvaja, originally built by the Arabs and rebuilt by the Normans and revised in Gothic key.

A mixture of contrasting styles that coexist harmoniously in many Sicilian monuments.

Bizarre and suggestive also the public garden with Victorian Follies, desired by Florence Trevelyan owner of the garden at the end of '800.

La Dolce Vita

By tourism comfortable, lying in the sun on the beautiful beaches, to the intellectual filling the eyes of artistic beauty of the city.

From the elegant shopping and designer products to local food and wine.

From the royal sport of tennis and golf clubs. At nights in wild nightclubs.

Time to time a bit of relaxation in one of the finest coffee, enjoying the real Sicilian granita and watching the diverse humanity walking by.

The sea, which once gave work to the fishermen in the area, today it continues to be the biggest source of wealth of Taormina.

A fundamental element of an ideal vacation that you can live here as in few other places.

The most beautiful beaches of Taormina and surroundings, are Isola Bella, Mazzarò and Giardini Naxos.

Do not forget to visit Castemola and Savoca just few miles from Taormina.

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