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Punta Secca Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Punta Secca Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Punta Secca  wheelchair accessible tours, is the best-known seaside village of Santa Croce Camerina.

The small seaside village is called "'a sicca" by the inhabitants due to a characteristic cliff that runs along the water and extends in front of the eastern beach.
In the last decade it has become well known thanks to the TV events of Inspector Montalbano.

The atmosphere you breathe is very far from the worldliness of certain famous beaches.

Montalbano, fortunately, has not changed the frequenting of Punta Secca, just as Punta Secca has not distorted itself.

Offering its fascinating simplicity, with the central square, its small port dominated by the Madonna of Portosalvo and the small church dedicated to her.

A tiny corner of Sicily absolutely worth visiting!!

The village already existed in remote times.

The Kamarinensi who escaped the destruction of the city took refuge a little further South, forming small separate villages, which took the name of Kaucanae.

One of these villages was Punta Secca.

Over the centuries it was occupied by Byzantines, Arabs and Normans, and called by many names, including recently, Capo Scalambri.

From this the Scalambri Tower took its name, a defensive coastal tower built at the end of the XVI century probably by the Bellomo Family.

Accessible Punta Secca

The town is also famous for its lighthouse, which stands majestically on the tip of the promontory, offering a panoramic view of the coast and the fishing boats that sail the sea.

This enchanting place is a true paradise for sea and nature lovers, who can enjoy spectacular sunsets and unique tranquility.

The small port is a fascinating place to visit.

Here you can admire the colorful fishing boats and watch the fishermen as they work.

You can also enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes in the local restaurants overlooking the harbour.

The Borgo historic center is a picturesque place to explore.

The narrow, winding streets are filled with traditional houses and quaint shops.

It is possible to walk through the streets, admire the local architecture and go shopping for typical Sicilian products.

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Punta Secca wheelchair accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Sicily Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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