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The largest and most beautiful of all Greek cities, according to Cicero, Siracusa is a UNESCO World Heritage.

Through the Greek, Roman and Byzantine, the city of Siracusa has accumulated valuable architectural evidence, despite the earthquake of 1693.

The reconstruction after the tragic event, however, it marked the rebirth of Siracusa baroque, still visible in many buildings.

Between museums and protected areas, the area South East of Sicily is certainly interesting from an artistic and environmental point of view.

But Siracusa and surroundings also means the sea: from the Island of Ortigia to the Noto area there are beautiful beaches all to discover.

Founded in 734 BC by Corinthian settlers.

The name derives from Syraka ( abundance of water ), thanks to the numerous streams and swampy area of ​​the city.

During the greek period, Siracusa reaches its peak.

Touring Siracusa

Today there are several historical testimonies of this era: the Fountain of Arethusa of Ortigia, the Greek Theatre, the Aqueduct Galermi, the Ear of Dionysus, and the Altar of Hieron, to name a few.

But also Greek temples: Apollo and Zeus.

In the Neapolis Park and the Island of Ortigia, connected by three bridges to the mainland, they focus the most interesting monuments.

Monuments of extraordinary beauty surrounded by an equally beautiful nature.

The city's patron saint, St Lucy, was martyred near the site of the church of that name, in Piazza Santa Lucia, in 304.

Her feast day in December is a local holiday marked by a grand festival.

Located at the end of Piazza Duomo, the church was built during the Byzantine era, and then restructured by the Normans during the 12th century, only to be modified almost beyond recognition in the 17th century.

Beneath it are extensive catacombs.

The church houses Caravaggio's Burial of Saint Lucy.

From inside the Iblei Mountains slope gently towards the coast, animated by indentations, headlands, islands and stretches of white beach.

Rounding out the seascape of Siracusa, an emerald expanse, with cobalt blue streaks and flashes of lights.

Siracusa, land of wonders. Echoes of ancient civilizations still hover in the streets.

Baroque architecture tell its rebirth. Sky, sun and sea the wind with their luster.

A trip to this corner of Sicily arouses deep feelings, like crossing the boundary of time and go back a thousand years.

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