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About Us | Sicily Accessible Tours

About Us

Sicily Accessible Tours is part of Accessible Italian Holiday Group, and we are is based in London.

We are specialist in finding accessible accommodations, tours for disabled people around Sicily and their family for their vacation.

Check our List Of Hotels and find the more suitable for your need.

Accessible Italian Holiday has been operating several decades by now and is proud to assist in their holiday, disabled foreigner tourists who always wish to visit and tour in Sicily.

Our Commitments

We are totally independent from any tour operator and all the information and the experiences we have gathered are part of previous involvements on the social matters, private travel experiences and disabled needs experiences.

We realised, no companies in Sicily are able to provide the services we can for many reasons and once we decide to fill this gap, we started this project.

Has been a success beyond our better expectations and it drives us to offering always better services and locations to live the real Sicilian lifestyle closer than our customers think, for the following years.

Our Testimonials published here, are real with real people!!!