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Aci Trezza Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Aci Trezza Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Aci Trezza wheelchair accessible tours is a village immersed in legend, illuminated by the events of the Odyssey and made famous by I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga.

A picturesque location that will give you a stay full of nature and relaxation.

Born as a fishing village, over time it has also developed its tourist vocation, becoming an increasingly popular destination full of services and accommodation facilities.

A village that has retained its soul, but has been able to progress.

As soon as you arrive in Aci Trezza you will notice its stacks.

Yes, those stacks that emerge from the sea right next to the coast and make the panorama of the small but very picturesque town unique.

It is now known that they are the result of geological events that have to do with the activity of Mount Etna, but the legend once again creeps in and tries to explain reality in its own way...

In fact, it is said that the stacks are nothing other than the boulders thrown from a promontory by the Cyclops Polyphemus, to sink Ulysses ships, after he and his men had mocked and humiliated him, before blinding him.

Accessible Aci Trezza

It is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations if you don't want to stay in the city, which is why we would recommend it for a stay.

The town is just right for a nice romantic walk along the seafront, until you reach a beautiful square, which will show you the Cyclops stacks in all their beauty.

Just one morning is enough to do a sightseeing tour of the town.

The most beautiful places to see in Aci Trezza wheelchair accessible tours are the main square, where the mother church dedicated to St Giovanni Battista ( XVII century ) stands.

The port, made up of two pincer-shaped piers from the ends of which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town on one side and the stacks on the other.

The seafront, which extends from the border with Aci Castello to the fish market.

Walking along the seafront you can admire, and sometimes even visit, the ancient Rodolico shipyard.

This is the last testimony of artisanal boat builders, shipwrights.

The shipyard has an important history, in fact before the unification of Italy it supplied fishing boats to almost all of Southern Italy and also to Malta.

There is little to discuss here, in Acitrezza you have to eat fish. You will find various restaurants overlooking the seafront, in the area in front of the port. They are all very good.

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