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Ragusa Ibla Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Once in Ragusa it is impossible not to visit Ragusa Ibla, the heart of the city of Ragusa his most charming neighborhood thanks to the numerous palaces and churches that are found there.

One of the most fascinating towns in Sicily, Ragusa has caused many a visitor’s jaw to drop as they first set eyes on the lower part of the town.

Ragusa Ibla extends over a small hill and after the 1693 earthquake, was rebuilt in Baroque style.

Ibla, the old historical center, offers over fifty churches and noble palaces.

To start visit, walk to the discovery Ibla is good from Piazza Pola.

This square is the main point to enter and that is where you will find numerous bars, local and municipal offices.

It is starting from this place that we could go to discover the many riches of Ibla which follow one after the other fascinating the many tourists.

Touring Ragusa Ibla

The rich architecture in local limestone takes the form of scrolls, and full of voids, columns and capitals, statues and decorations of various kinds.

The greatest building in Ibla is the cathedral, the Duomo of San Giorgio, begun in 1738 and designed by the architect Rosario Gagliardi.

Continuing past down the Corso 25 Aprile, you will pass the Church of San Giuseppe, another baroque jewel.

Ibla's lanes contain many charms, from elaborately-sculpted balconies to views over the narrow valleys below town.

At the end of Ibla's rocky ridge is the town's public park, the Giardino Ibleo.

The Church of San Domenico is located inside the Gardens; this church is noted for its bell tower decorated with Maiolica ceramic tiles from Caltagirone.

The pride of the town, these manicured and leafy gardens have views over the surrounding valleys and are the venue of choice for promenading locals as well as tourists.

Watching three or four generations meeting up and groups of teenagers strolling arm-in-arm is a charming introduction to Sicilian life.

Ragusa Ibla is also one of the principal filming locations for the Sicilian detective drama Il Commissario Montalbano ( Inspector Montalbano ), a series which has done wonders for publicising the beauty of this area.

Here you will find good reasons to organize, couple very exciting days.

Welcome to the city which was once dedicated to the goddess Hybla, now blaze of the late Baroque.

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