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Montalbano wheelchair accessible tours, born from the pen of Andrea Camilleri, made all fall madly in love with some uncontaminated corners of Eastern Sicily.

He introduced us to villages, seaside villages and breathtaking beaches.

From Camilleri's novels a very successful series was born which celebrated decades by now.

You can celebrate Italy's most famous fiction with a journey to discover the places of Inspector Montalbano.

Montelusa, Vigata, Mannara and Marinella, these are the places where the events linked to Inspector Montalbano intertwine.

In reality these are made up names that we can find in the villages and cities of the province of Ragusa.

To discover the places of Montalbano you need to take a trip to Eastern Sicily, among the wonders of the Val di Noto, stopping in Ragusa Ibla, Scicli, Punta Secca, Ispica, Modica, Sampieri and Vittoria, just to name a few.

Accessible Montabano Locations

The famous town known as Marinella coincides with Punta Secca and the commissioner's house by the sea is one of the most booked B&Bs on the coast, credit to the TV series.

Punta Secca is a seaside hamlet of Santa Croce Camerina, it is a small seaside village that has become famous for being the home of the Inspector Montalbano.

It is the oldest neighborhood in Ragusa, characterized by stacked roofs and narrow streets.

Ragusa Ibla stands on a hill in the upper part of the city.

The neighborhood has 42 churches and numerous Baroque style buildings which in the fiction become architecture and neighborhoods of the city of Vigata.

Reach the Iblean Garden where there are also the excavations of the ancient city, called Hybla.

In Scicli you will find important places from fiction.

The municipality of Scicli is in fact the setting of the Vigata police station. The office of the mayor of Vigata was set inside Palazzo Spadaro.

The former Chamber of Labor was chosen to house the offices of Inspector Montalbano and his deputy Mimì Augello.

The exteriors of the Montelusa Police Headquarters are actually the exteriors of Palazzo Iacono in Scicli.

Fornace Penna is an old abandoned furnace, overlooking the sea on the Pisciotto cliff, in the municipality of Sampieri.

In Fiction it becomes the Mannara by the sea, a tuna fishery under investigation by the commissioner.

A fascinating historic center full of baroque architecture which places it among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Modica is another fundamental stop in the Montalbano's tours locations.

Many Vigata scenes were filmed in this city.

While walking through the fascinating streets, don't miss a visit to the Cathedral of St Giorgio, also a UNESCO heritage site.

But the city is also famous for its chocolate which is obtained from a particular cold processing of chocolate.

A sumptuous noble residence known as the Donnafugata Castle 15 kilometers from Ragusa, composed of 122 rooms of which only about twenty are open to the public.

He was chosen to rebuild the house of mafia boss Balduccio Sinagra. Numerous scenes were filmed in the castle and garden.

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