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Modica Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours
Modica Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours

Modica Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours

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Modica Wheelchair Montalbano Accessible Tours

From Ragusa following the SS 115 for about 15 km we reach Modica, the baroque city of the Val di Noto, also part of the UNESCO world heritage cities.

Famous for its great artistic and cultural heritage as well as its gastronomic one.

Consider that Modica as "the most unique city in Italy after Venice".

Its historic center is divided into two neighborhoods: Modica Alta and Modica Bassa.

You have to get lost in the labyrinths of houses and alleys with stairways wrapped around the spur of the hill to admire the many unique churches present such as the Cathedral of St Giorgio, symbol of Sicilian Baroque, with its characteristic staircase.

Even here you can breathe the Sicily of Montalbano this is where many scenes from the fiction Inspector Montalbano were filmed.

For example, the staircase is featured in the episode Gita a Tindari.

Walk through the secondary streets and reach Palazzo Grimaldi, the home of Doctor Pasquano.

Modica is also the place where Montalbano goes to the bus stop to pick up his longtime girlfriend Livia.

In Modica there is the birthplace of Quasimodo, Nobel Prize winner for literature, in which many objects that belonged to the man of letters such as the Olivetti typewriter are preserved.

Accessible Montalbano Locations

In one of the buildings in front of the Duomo the memorable scene of the episode Un Covo di Vipere was set in which Montalbano disturbs the doctor during a hearty breakfast in which there is no shortage of Sicilian cannoli!

Lower Modica also contributes to the construction of the imaginary Vigata, making it real, allowing us to walk through its streets breathing in the atmosphere experienced by Montalbano.

The Inspector will gravitate around the Tommaso Campailla high school several times, especially in the episodes La Pista di Sabbia, when the corridors and classrooms of the boarding school become the offices of Judge Scondamiglio, and in Salvo Amato, Livia Mia, when in the monumental corridors the municipal archive of Vigata is set.

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Modica wheelchair Montalbano accessible tours.

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