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Donnafugata Castle
Donnafugata Castle Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Donnafugata Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Donnafugata Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sicily Excursions

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Donnafugata Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

About twenty kilometers from Ragusa, in the midst of a landscape of typical and still uncontaminated Sicilian Countryside, dotted with dry stone walls, stands the Donnafugata Castle.

Donnafugata Castle wheelchair accessible tours, was originally a rural property, known as Torrevecchia or Torre di Bianca, built to protect a vast fiefdom.

The residence owes its current appearance and dimensions to the works carried out between the XIX and XX centuries by the Arezzo Family and the Lestrade Family.

Initially built as a farm, this complex then became an estate in which to spend summer days in a truly wonderful area of ​​the Ragusa countryside made up of olive trees, carob trees, fields and livestock.

Accessible Donnafugata

To get to the entrance to the Donnafugata Castle, you walk along a wide avenue flanked on both sides by low blocks of flats.

Some have been transformed into restaurants and commercial activities, others are awaiting restoration or used as rural buildings.

The facade of the Castle immediately misleads us. We will hardly be able to identify a homogeneous style or define a historical period.

Touring Donnafugata

The residence is surrounded by an eight-hectare park.

Large ficus, Mediterranean and exotic species cover a vast area full of surprises, a small circular temple, a caffeaus, artificial caves with fake stalactites and a large labyrinth with dry stone walls.

Inside, more than 100 rooms are divided over three floors, of which 30 can be visited on the main floor.

Among the sumptuous halls you can still feel the atmosphere of the Sicilian aristocracy of the late XIX century.

You can go from the music room furnished with pianos, to the art gallery, from the hall of mirrors to the hall of coats of arms where the coats of arms of the noble Sicilian families are present.

To better appreciate the history, curiosities and legends linked to the Donnafugata Castle, we recommend taking advantage of a guided tour.

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Donnafugata Castle wheelchair accessible tours.

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