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Located at the beginning of Capo Bianco, the ruins of the Greek city of Eraclea Minoa occupy a magnificent site on the edge of a lonely hill on the sea.

At its foot, the coast opens in the long, white beach, crowned by a beautiful pine forest.

Before reaching the excavations, on the right, the white "dunes of the rock" shaped by the wind recall the wall that closes the head to the east.

Minoa is very probably the oldest name.

Legend connects it to the Cretan king Minos.

According tradition, would have pursued Daedalus to Sicily to punish him for having helped Arianne and Theseus to the maze.

The city was probably founded in the VI century BC by Greek colonists from Selinunte.

The addition of Eraclea name is possibly by a subsequent influx of Greeks.

It passed into the hands of the Romans in the III century BC.

He was involved in a series of wars and was gradually abandoned. In the first century AD the city is no longer inhabited.

There are large tracts of the defensive walls with towers and gates of the city, remains of residential quarters and a theater.

Sheltered atmospheric erosion by a cover, it is still used as a venue for performances summer.

Having as background the cliffs of Capo Bianco and the beautiful beaches below.

The material found during the excavations are kept in the Antiquarium at the site entrance.

The sea and the coastline are certainly two of the great attractions of Eraclea Minoa.

The crystal clear waters of the sea, sky blue, are more exalted the candid whiteness of the rocks.

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