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Messina Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Messina wheelchair accessible tours, is the gateway to Sicily is a splendid city that certainly deserves to be visited, as it is rich in history and art.

Furthermore, all five senses can be satisfied, thanks, among others, to the fabulous coastal landscape and excellent typical cuisine.

A city with a troubled history, especially regarding the earthquake of 1908, which destroyed most of the buildings, with their numerous styles, from Gothic to Norman, from Arab-Byzantine to Baroque, which characterized the city.

After that emblematic date, despite the difficulties, the reconstruction and restoration works were carried out, particularly during the 1930s, and today it is still possible to admire the imposing beauty of the Cathedral of Messina, with its high Bell Tower which hosts the Astronomical Clock and visit the numerous churches found in every corner of the city.

Located on the Strait a stone's throw from Calabria, where the Ionian Sea meets the Tyrrhenian Sea, this city will give you the right welcome before moving on to discover the many Sicilian jewels.

Accessible Messina

Located in the northern part of the city, the Regional Museum of Messina is absolutely worth visiting.

There you will find works of art by Caravaggio, one of the best Italian artists.

The Adoration of the Shepherds of the Christ Child and the Raising of Lazarus.

The Museum also preserves archaeological finds and sublime Renaissance sculptures.

Fountain of Neptune, dedicated to the god of the same name for good luck and in defense of the city from the sea, it is one of the things to see in Messina near the port.

Another place not to be missed is the Orion Fountain, located in Piazza Duomo.

This fountain, built in the XVI century, is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance sculpture in Sicily.

Its beauty and intricate details will leave you speechless.

For nature and excursion lovers, we recommend a visit to Fort St Jachiddu, which is located on a height of approximately 300 meters and from which you can admire Messina and the Strait from a breathtaking perspective.

The Ecological Park of the same name extends around the Fort.

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