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Sperlinga wheelchair accessible tours, is located between the Nebrodi and Madonie mountains, in the heart of Sicily.

The name derives from Greek and means Spelonca, cave.

Many buildings in this small village are in fact dug into the rock: the Castle, the ancient Byzantine Necropolises and also some modern houses.

The actual village has Norman origins, as does its beautiful Castle.

The necropolises origins and were initially used as tombs before being transformed into houses, which were inhabited until the 1960's Sperlinga is truly a little pearl, worth seeing at least once in your life.

The Norman Castle of Sperlinga is a rare example of a rock castle, built on and in the rock.

This type of construction is very rare and therefore makes it even more fascinating.

The Castle and the rocky village, the ancient dialect, the enchanting panorama and the tranquility are some of the reasons that recommend abandoning the usual agency itineraries to immerse yourself in a hidden, beautiful and genuine Sicily, far from any pollution and oxygenated for the presence of an extensive natural oak forest, rich in wildlife.

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The Castle, in addition to offering beautiful views, contains several rooms within it, such as warehouses, prisons, rainwater cisterns, a church and much more, in short, a real blast from the past.

The construction links its history to a famous phrase engraved on the entrance portal: "Quod Siculis Placuit Sola Sperlinga Negavit", in memory of the position taken by Sperlinga during the Sicilian Vespers in 1292 ( he sided with the French ).

Finally, the splendid little church located inside the fortress. being located on the west side, it was entirely rebuilt on its ruins.

It presents a succession of three rooms arranged along the east-west axis; you can see traces of the XVII century flooring in glazed terracotta tiles which were abandoned during the recent reconstruction.

This place, unknown to many less informed travelers, is one of the wonders of Sicily to be discovered, and will remain in your heart.

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