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Valley of the Temples Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Valley of the Temples Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Valley of the Temples Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Exceptional historical testimony of Greeks, is the archaeological area of the ​​Valley of the Temples near Agrigento, Sicily.

Has been inserted in 1997 in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The remains of the Hellenistic city and then Punic and Roman.

The imposing Doric temples, almost intact, the Agora, the pagan and Christian necropolis.

The dense network of underground aqueducts, constitute the wealth of a site that covers about 1300 hectares.

It tells a thousand year history that began in the VI century BC. with the foundation of the ancient Greek colony of Akragas.

Akragas was one of the largest Greek cities of the Mediterranean.

Surrounded in the late VI century BC by an imposing defensive wall with nine gates.

The colony experienced a period of great expansion in the V century BC, during the reign of the tyrant Theron, which continued even when it was established democracy.

Touring Valley of the Temples

The true heart of the archaeological area of ​​Agrigento, the area of ​​the Valley of the Temples is a unique place to visit.

The Temple of Zeus or Jupiter Olimpico, of which survive today only the foundations and the main altar, was one of the greatest ancient Greek temples.

The oldest temple is is rather to Heracles or Hercules, while the best preserved is definitely the Temple of Concord.

Probably the most impressive Greek Doric temples come to our days after the Parthenon in Athens.

Art history and nature have made this place famous since ancient times, first with the classical era writers such as Pindar, Polybius, Diodorus of Sicily,

Then by historians and surveyors of the XVI and XVII century. such Fazello, Cluverio.

And ending with XVIII century artists and travelers as Houel, Denon, Brydone and above all Goethe.

He left to posterity memorable pages of the Grand Tour, he had in Agrigento and in its valley the most evocative stage.

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