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Alcantara Gorges Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Alcantara Gorges Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Alcantara Gorges Wheelchair Accessible Tours

During its eruptive history, Mount Etna has definitively changed and shaped the landscape around it and it is precisely among its lava flows that, today, we can enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Sicily.

Among these there are undoubtedly the splendid Alcantara Gorges wheelchair accessible tour, also known as Gole di Larderia.

It is a beautiful natural canyon created over the last 8,000 years, the result of the modeling of the river water and three different lava flows stratified one above the other.

Accessible Alcantara Gorges

The Alcantara Gorges and the Botanical Geological Park are the great attractions of the Valley.

The spectacular Alcantara Gorges is located in the territory of the small village of Motta Camastra, a short distance from Taormina and Giardini Naxos.

Uncontaminated environments and breathtaking scenery, traditions to discover, places to visit, the entire area is characterized by waterfalls and lakes, the classic "Gurne" and then by deep and suggestive gorges.

The beautiful town of Randazzo at seven hundred meters above sea level marks the beginning of the Alcantara Valley, while the end of the Valley is in the coastal town of Giardini Naxos, where the Alcantara river meets the Mediterranean Sea.

Alcantara Gorges Touring

The wild nature and the characteristic volcanic walls ( basaltic columnars ) of the canyon are the main attraction of the Botanical Geological Park.

Between April and June in the Alcantara Valley, the temperature can vary between 20 and 28 degrees and makes this time of year the most ideal to explore it.

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