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Expressing an opinion of a work of art is never easy.

Often personal taste clashes and fights with the real value of the work.

Gibellina wheelchair accessible tours Sicily disabled accessible holidays Cretto di Burri is a works that fits perfectly into this category.

If one hand you are overwhelmed by its grandeur and by its particular form.

Not by chance has been defined as one of the greatest land art works in the world.

To fully understand the meaning of this work, it is necessary to make a leap into the past.

The name of Belice Valley will surely have reminded you of the earthquake of 1968.

The epicenter of it was the town of Gibellina, which destroyed all the neighboring villages.

And it is from here that our story begins, that is in Old Gibellina.

After the earthquake it was immediately against that the whole country was unusable.

For this reason that the New Gibellina was rebuilt about 20 km away, in a completely modern style.

In 1985 the mayor Ludovico Corrao decided to beautify the New Gibellina calling a series of great value contemporary artists.

Each of them donated to the city a work of great value, transforming Gibellina into a unique cultural center in Sicily.

Cretto di Burri Accessible Tour

Among the various artists there was also Alberto Burri who was very impressed by the ancient ruins and decided to create his work there.

The realization of this work took some time and a considerable amount of forces.

The old houses were reduced to rubble, compacted into blocks held together by wire and then covered with a layer of white cement.

The blocks, about 1.70 m high, were arranged in such a way as to recreate the pre-existing urban network.

What did all this mean?

In short, it was a funeral monument, like a huge white shroud resting on the face of a person who has passed away.

It is a monument that in fact erases the past and the memory, leaves nothing of what once existed, if not the ancient ways still passable, but which imposes a harmonious silence.

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