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Marsala Wheelchair Accessible Tours

To push the visitor towards the westernmost part of Sicily, there are many combinations of history sites that form an enchanting landscape, with countless points of view.

On the extreme point of the island there is Marsala wheelchair accessible tours Sicily disabled holidays.

With its colors yellow tufo, blue sea, red sunsets, white salt and green wineyards.

On one side it is protected by Erice, on the other by the embrace of Segesta and Selinunte.

Marsala look to the nearby Egadi Islands ( 20 minutes of navigation ) and to Africa ( Tunisian coasts are just 80 miles ).

Marsala is a city of sun and sea.

The sun shines much of the year.

Offering the opportunity for those who love the sea and the warm Mediterranean climate to enjoy relaxing Sicily accessible holidays.

The current name of the city is due to the name given to it by the Arabs ( Marsa Alì ), who conquered it after the Romans.

Touring Marsala

Spending your accessible holidays in Marsala you will discover a city of enormous charm.

Rich in important historical memories, with some areas of unspoiled nature.

Marsala is famous for his wine cellars known all over the world, that contributed to make this place rich since the second half of the XVIII century.

A must stop is represented by the visit to the Bagli.

Bagli are buildings open on an internal courtyard, visible at the wine estates, among the most important those of the Florio and the Ingham-Whitaker.

At the head of Boeo ( beautiful view of the Egadi's Islands and the Gulf of Stagnone ) is the Baglio Anselmi, a former wine factory.

Now home to an archaeological museum and, among other things, the wreck of a Punic ship of the third century. B.C.

Recommended excursions are those in Mothia and the Riserva dello Stagnone.

To reach Mothia you need to go to the pier in front of the island of St Pantaleo, you can reach it by a short accessible boat ride

Taking advantage of the holiday packages to Marsala wheelchair accessible holidays you can discover a territory rich in unusual landscapes and ancient and original flavors.

Busiate al pesto trapanese, Pasta with the pesto of Matarocco, Sardines a beccafico, Stigghiola, Cunzato bread, Purpette of Milinciani.

And sweets like:

Cubbaita, Ericini, Royal Pasta, Sfinci of St Giuseppe; all recipes you do not know?

What are you waiting to come and taste them, together with a glass of one of the many varieties of Marsala?

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Marsala wheelchair accessible tours Sicily disabled accessible holidays

Unmissable visit at it with our Sicily Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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