Segesta. Everything is intense in this corner of Sicily, everything has a strong scent, a deafening taste

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Segesta wheelchair friendly accessible tours Sicily.



Segesta wheelchair friendly accessible tours Sicily

In the province of Trapani, on Mount Barbaro, it is an ancient and fascinating site: it is Segesta.

The fruit of the oldest Sicilian past, whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

Is unknown, in fact, the exact date of the founding of Segesta, the Greek sources ( Thucydides in the first place, the great Athenian historian of the V century BC ) point to the mysterious people of the Elimi, having originated from the fugitives Trojans.

It tells the myth that Segesta would be born by the will of the first king Aceste, son of refugee trojan Egesta and Crimiso river god.

Historically we know that the center was already inhabited in the IV century BC and it was often at war with Selinunte border disputes.

The city fell in the V century AC by the Vandals who destroyed it.

Then they settled Arabs and Normans, who built a castle then expanded by the Swabians, the real heart of the medieval village.

Almost lost from memory as long as the great historian Fazello identified the site bringing it back to the lights of knowledge.

Touring Segesta

The fame of Segesta, today able to attract many tourists each year, is due primarily to the two extraordinarily important finds: the Temple and the Theater.

The Doric Temple preserves an extraordinary conservation and is the unique link between Greek sacred building.

Today it is assumed that it was never completed, since they lack traces of the cover, the presence of a cell and of the groove on the columns.

Beauty particular also shows the theater, dating from the III century BC and located on the hill opposite the temple.

It rises 440 meters high and offers a breathtaking view, as well as discrete conditions.

While the horizontal part of the Cavea is preserved, they were destroyed the top section and the bottom of the stage, probably consists of niches and pillars.

In total 3000 people could watch the shows that took place here.


The Segesta fortifications are still visible along the landscape and offer an unique view.

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