Mount Etna wheelchair accessible Sicily disabled traveling.


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Mount Etna wheelchair accessible Sicily disabled traveling

Called by the Sicilians "Mungibeddu" or "a Muntagna", to indicate its recognition as the Mountain par excellence.

Mount Etna Park is 30 km from the city of Catania, on the eastern side of Sicily.

Apart from the Italian Alps is the highest peak, despite its size constantly change over time as it is a volcano.

At present, its height is 3340 m. s.l.m, with a diameter of 45 km away.

Accessible Etna's Valley

Mount Etna has often been considered as a volcano "good", capable of not producing eruptions of large entities.

An unbreakable bond between the Catania and the Mount Etna: the Volcano dominates the city and redraws the view and the landscape.

A vast and varied landscape ranging from the coast overlooking the Ionian waters.

The vast campaigns interrupted by orchards and vineyards, from the dense forests of chestnut and oak to the most barren nature and almost lunar.

Etna Natural Wonder

Slowly that brings us closer to the summit of Mount Etna, which offers a spectacular view on Sicily, the island of Malta.

Then the night when the volcano is erupting, the Mount Etna is particularly striking.

The impressive river of lava flowing slowly along the mountain walls and the spurts that emerge to illuminate the sky is a unique and unmissable .

Symbol of Sicily, Mount Etna is an essential stop for those visiting this wonderful land.


At the foot of Mount Etna, there are many interesting places to visit that are no more than 100 km from the volcano.

From the beautiful Taormina, close to the UNESCO sites of Piazza Armerina, in the Val di Noto and Siracusa.

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