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Mount Etna Wine Tasting
Mount Etna Wheelchair Sicily Wine Tasting
Mount Etna Wheelchair Sicily Wine Tasting

Mount Etna Wheelchair Accessible Sicily Wine Tasting

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Mount Etna Wheelchair Sicily Wine Tasting

On the Eastern side of the Etna volcano, among the woods of the National Park and facing the Taormina coast, the company's vineyards are a pleasure for the senses and the heart.

A pleasure for the sight, as they represent one of the best examples of high altitude Etna vineyards.

In an exclusive natural environment, 800 meters above sea level, the vineyards are located on sunny and ventilated terraces, with breathtaking views.

The owner family are pragmatic, direct and sincere.

A relationship with the territory, the product and the guests always characterized by authenticity and Mediterranean warmth.

A family that loves these places and these vineyards and interprets them in their wines.

Between first to bet on the unpredictable possibilities of being able to interpret these lands, today they have learned a lot from this many years of experience.

For them, wine is a journey for which they prepare, study, wait and which never ends, giving us different colors and flavors every year and enriching the experience of working in the cellar with unique sensations and values, from the land that gives them produces to the people who seek them.

The typical character of their wine reflects that of the territory from which it comes and is the result of wise attention to tradition and technology.

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