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Palazzolo Acreide Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Palazzolo Acreide Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Palazzolo Acreide wheelchair accessible tours, is a village in the Sicilian hinterland in the province of Siracusa.

The architecture is in Baroque Style but the town is of Greek Origin.

In 2002, UNESCO included Palazzolo Acreide among the World Heritage sites together with the other locations in the Val di Noto and It is also part of the network of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The actual Palazzolo Acreide dates back to the Norman period, when a first nucleus developed around the Castle.

It was subsequently destroyed like many other towns in the area by the earthquake of 1693 and like the other towns, it was rebuilt in the beautiful Sicilian Baroque style.

The name of the town derives from Akrai, which in Greek means summit, while Palazzolo derives from the name that the Normans gave it, Palatiolum, due to the presence of an imperial palace.

The town is not as well known as perhaps the nearby Noto but it is truly a small pearl of the Siracusa area.

Furthermore, in general everything is really looked after and well kept: Museums, Archaeological areas, Villas, truly an example that other Sicilian towns should take as a model.

Accessible Palazzolo Acreide

Palazzolo Acreide is full of beautiful late-Baroque churches.

Among the various Churches, you certainly cannot miss a visit to the Basilica of St Sebastiano, the largest church in the village which is located in the main square and to the Basilica of St Paolo, one of the most beautiful and majestic.

Furthermore, you cannot miss the Annunziata Church, which is among the oldest and most beautiful in Palazzolo Acreide!

Adjacent to the ruins of the Castle, the medieval area of Palazzolo Acreide extends, the ancient district of Castelvecchio.

In this neighborhood it seems that time has stopped. We recommend you walk and get lost in its alleys.

From behind the Matrice Church, however, you can reach the historic Lenza and Orologio districts.

Walking through the streets, between the houses with clothes on the hangers and the courtyards, you will come across a beautiful view of the St Paolo district and the entire medieval area.

A magnificent view, especially at sunset!

Touring Palazzolo Acreide

In the immediate vicinity of Palazzolo Acreide wheelchair accessible tours, you can visit some archaeological sites of great interest such as the magnificent Greek Theater of Akrai located about 1 km from the centre.

A little further in the direction of Solarino, you will find the Necropolis and the Rock Church of Bibbinello and finally, pushing south towards Noto, there are the ruins of the Judica Tower and Castle.

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