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Marzamemi Wheelchair Accessible Tours

If you travel to the extreme south of Sicily meets a beautiful fishing village.

Marzamemi wheelchair accessible tours Sicily holidays a charming place with a historic center that will surprise you.

On the coast of Noto there is a beautiful fishing village that in summer turns into a place frequented by visitors looking for dream beaches.

Let's talk about Marzamemi, a magical place to go on holiday in Sicily.

Marzamemi is a marine village in the province of Syracuse and belongs partly to the municipality of Noto and partly to Pachino.

Little known, in recent years is loved by tourists who recognize it as one of the pearls of South-Eastern Sicily.

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One of the most evocative and characteristic Sicilian villages.

What is the master is the beauty of its beaches and its sea.

Especially loved by young people who crowd the bars and clubs that animate the coast with wonderful aperitifs.

The Palazzo di Villadorata, the most elegant of the whole town, built in the XVII century, is dedicated to the ancient lords who lived in the area.

The two natural harbors of the town, Fossa and Balata are also very characteristic.

The latter, curiously, has the shape of a small square and hosts significant events of the summer of Marzamemi.

The ancient village is vast pedestrian area full of bars, shops and characteristic restaurants where you can taste excellent fish.

Piazza Regina Margherita timeless beauty, overlooks the two churches of the village both dedicated to the patron St Francesco di Paola.

Villadorata Palace and, all around, the fishermen's houses, dating back to 1600.

Certainly, the most characteristic is the Casa del Forno, probably the ancient bakery of the town.

Marzamemi Beaches

In Marzamemi the sea is beautiful and the beaches are beautiful.

Two small islands can be reached from the inhabited center.

Isola Piccola, also known as the Brancati islet named after the owner of an island cottage.

Isola Grande, incorporated into the port, both small pristine ecosystems.

The whole coast is littered with sandy beaches and beaches in particular not to be missed, San Lorenzo beach.

It is a very large beach with a large number of equipped accessible facilities.

Ideal for lovers of relaxation.

The Oasi of Vedicari is the most evocative of the whole territory.

An oasis in the green where to find pristine beaches that follow one another, in one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of Sicily.

The most northerly beach of the oasis is that of Eloro, at the mouth of the Tellaro river, on which stands an ancient accessible Roman Villa of Tellaro full of extraordinary mosaics.

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Marzamemi wheelchair accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Sicily Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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