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Savoca Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Taormina accessible tours to Savoca Sicily disabled excursions, perched on a rocky hill, surrounded by citrus groves, vineyards and olive groves, lies the town of Savoca.

A small medieval village that in 2008 was placed among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Here time seems to stand still, you almost feel like you were back in the past, about 50 years ago, when cars still did not circulate and life flowed slow and harmonious.

A walk along the half deserted streets of the old town, surrounded by ancient buildings, opens up vistas that can not remain indifferent.

The view extends through the immense and verdant forest, extend into the horizon where stands the majestic Gulf of Taormina.

All it accompanied by a peace and silence almost mystical, as to want to reconcile his admiration for the wonderful spectacle of nature.

Only rarely do you meet someone in the street, mostly locals who uncertainty to know you still leave you a greeting.

Savoca Accessible

A city of art, perhaps little known, which, however, owes its fame to the famous film "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola.

Here they were filmed some of the scenes that they see protagonist the young Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, during his stay in Sicily.

So then the number one tourist attraction becomes the Vitelli Bar, at the town where Michael comes in for a drink.

Today the bar, still working and turned half in a museum.

You can admire many ancient objects and the beautiful portrait of the hands of Mary ( the former owner ), it offers tourists excellent lemon granita.

Do not forget the church of San Nicolò, where were shot the wedding scenes between Michael and Apollonia.

The surprises of Savoca do not stop at places of worship of "The Godfather".

The common fact still retains many buildings that recall the medieval origins and the Renaissance period.

Along the narrow streets of the historic center of Baroque buildings alternate with construction starting rural 900s.

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