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Vendicari Reserve Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Vendicari Reserve Wheelchair Accessible Tours

There are places with which it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight.

One of these is the Vendicari Reserve wheelchair accessible tours, one of the most beautiful oases in Europe and among the most beautiful treks in Sicily.

The natural oasis of Vendicari Reserve, in South-Eastern Sicily, between Noto and Marzamemi is one of the most famous and visited protected natural areas in the Sicilian region.

The Vendicari Reserve, established in 1984, extends over over 1500 hacres.

It is a coastal area characterized by marshes which are a true paradise for migratory bird species.

The various marshes are filled with birds during the seasonal migration period and can be observed from various huts located in strategic points.

Various animal species live there, in particular the area is famous from an ornithological point of view.

There are many species of birds, including the fascinating flamingos, and in fact birdwatching is one of the activities that attract the greatest number of tourists.

This is accompanied by others, from sports to excursions, given the numerous beauties of the area waiting to be explored.

Accessible Vendicari Reserve

Here nature is almost in symbiosis with the ruins of an ancient Byzantine settlement of which the necropolis and the Byzantine Cuba are still clearly visible.

The Vendicari Reserve is dominated by sand dunes, a protected ecosystem for the nesting of sea turtles.

The Tuna Factory also called Batufu, was used to fish tuna and mackerel after the mating season, when they returned to the open sea.

In front of the tuna fishery stands a small island which, in the past, was the place where the Rais lived with his family and the owners.

Then the Cittadella del Maccari represents the Southern entrance to the Vendicari Reserve and its name derives from a Byzantine settlement from the VI century BC.

The village was used at the time of the Greeks and Phoenicians as a trading area and, even today, it is possible to observe ruins and stone houses.

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Vendicari Reserve wheelchair accessible tours.

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