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Palermo and its territory a tourist destination for all seasons

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Wheelchair users Palermo accessible tours traveling Sicily.



Wheelchair users Palermo accessible tours traveling Sicily

At the center of the homonym Gulf shines Palermo, a city of art with a rich past and ancient times the confluence of European civilization and Arab, which preserves valuable evidence.

Palermo is deservedly remembered for the beauty of its monuments such as its impressive Cathedral, the Church of Martorana and its palaces like those of the Normans and the Zisa.

Its historical center renowned for, for sacred events it offers, such as the celebrations about the town's patron saint, St Rosalia.

A worldly and social ones  the latter worthily represented, for example, by the renowned Puppet Theater.

The city of Palermo can also offer the considerable folklore hints that they enjoy to the real life.

You are talking of the famous Palermo markets like Vucciria, colorful examples of local economic life.

Palermo's Cathedral

Palermo's Cathedral has the most impressive, and the most confused, exterior of all the city's buildings.

Much of the current cathedral was built in lavish Arab-Norman style under Sicily's Norman rule.

In the twelfth century, though the building has seen many modifications since, including the addition of a XV century portico and an XVIII century dome.

Along with a handful of other Sicilian buildings, it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage listing: Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale Cathedral.

Up the road from the Cattedrale, and part of the same UNESCO listing, the Arab-Norman-Spanish Palazzo dei Normanni provides a fabulous lesson in the grandeur of Norman Sicily.

A former Royal Palace added to and altered over the centuries, this is now the seat of the local parliament.

Parts of the building can be visited, including the Cappella Palatina, an exquisite chapel containing rich twelfth-century Byzantine mosaics.


Many and varied are still the attractions of the province of Palermo.

The historic mansions that dot the area of ​​Bagheria to culinary delights, traditional folkloric celebrations, to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea.

Palermo and its territory: a tourist destination for all seasons and for all tastes.

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