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Calatabiano Castle
Calatabiano Castle Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Calatabiano Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Calatabiano Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

A fun and relaxing way to spend a Sunday or any day outdoors is to visit the Calatabiano Castle wheelchair accessible tours.

This Arab-Norman castle which boasts 2300 years of history can be reached either on foot, through a fascinating Naturalistic-Monumental route, or with a comfortable lift.

Going up with the lift we can enjoy a wonderful view.

The Calatabiano Castle stands on the northern border of the Etna province on a hill 220 meters above sea level, dominating the eastern access to the Alcantara Valley.

Here the Al Qantar river ( a name of Arabic origin meaning "the bridge" ) marks the border between the provinces of Catania and Messina.

Touring Calatabiano Castle

After decades of abandonment, in July 2009, the Calatabiano Castle returned to its ancient splendor thanks to the skilful restoration project of the architect Daniele Raneri, who not only restored prestige to one of the most evocative fortifications in eastern Sicily, but practically rewrote the history of the castle itself.

In fact, from the excavation work it emerged that even if Kalaat-al Bian is the name that the Arabs gave to the fortification of Calatabiano, the site has much more ancient origins.

In fact, some walls of the castle still visible today, saw the Muslim soldiers lay siege but it was not the Arabs who built it.

In fact, the places demonstrate Greek frequentation starting from the IV-III century BC.

Accessible Calatabiano Castle

The ride up in the elevator is exciting.

Even if it lasts a few minutes, a spectacular panorama slowly opens up before your eyes and your gaze can sweep over a large stretch of coast from Taormina to the Gulf of Catania.

When you exit the panoramic elevator, you find yourself on the external esplanade.

Walking along walkways, you enter the Castle through the magnificent pointed arch portal with lava ashlars and sandstone.

After passing it, you reach a large external courtyard, from where your guided tour began.

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Calatabiano Castle wheelchair accessible tour.

Unmissable visit at it with our Sicily Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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