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Caravaggio Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Caravaggio Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Caravaggio Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Caravaggio Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Caravaggio Wheelchair Malta Accessible Tours Sicily Excursions

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Caravaggio Wheelchair Malta Accessible Tours

In the heart of the city of La Valletta, the splendid pearl of Malta, there is the evocative Co-Cathedral dedicated to St John the Baptist.

Within its imposing walls, together with many beautiful masterpieces, it even houses two works by Caravaggio, behind which lies a story truly incredible.

A trip to Malta attracted by the possibility of closely admiring the masterpiece signed with the blood of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, patron saint of the Order of Knights of Malta.

In the oratory this painting by Caravaggio, covers an entire wall.

Gigantic which alone is worth the trip to this island for a few kilometers from Sicily and which retains all its physical characteristics and natural structure.

Caravaggio In Malta

In addition to the aforementioned Beheading masterpiece, in the Co-Cathedral of St John the Baptist there is the St Jerome Writing.

It is a work of smaller dimensions but which equally testifies to the expressive power typical of the famous Lombard painter.

He was commissioned by his friend Ippolito Malaspina, a knight from Lunigiana, for the Chapel of the Language of Italy, one of the eight side chapels of the Cathedral which symbolize the different languages ​​spoken by the Order, those of Italy and France are the two closest to the 'altar.

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