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Caravaggio Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Caravaggio Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Caravaggio Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Caravaggio Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Caravaggio Wheelchair Messina Accessible Tours

Between the end of 1608 and 1609 one of the most important events for the pictorial culture of Messina wheelchair accessible tours, occurred: Caravaggio's passage to the city.

During his short stay in Messina, the painter received the commission from the city senate to create an altarpiece for the church of Santa Maria della Concezione.

With this work, the Adoration of the Shepherds, Caravaggio inaugurated the genre of the Poor Nativity.

The painting is set inside a stable; Mary, exhausted from the journey and the subsequent birth, lies stretched out on the ground and holds the sleeping child in her lap.

In front of them, St Joseph and the Shepherds are arranged to form a cross, in the background the ox and the donkey.

Caravaggio In Messina

In Messina, Caravaggio created a second painting, the Raising of Lazarus.

The painter imagines the scene in the catacombs, where Lazarus was buried.

The latter, obeying the gesture of Christ in the shadows, is hit by the saving light that gives him life again, mimicking the allusive gesture of the cross with his arms.

On the right side the pious women are arranged.

The two works, preserved at the Regional Interdisciplinary Museum “M. Accascina” of Messina, are among the highest and most intense creations of the last period.

Thus, a new relationship is established between space and the figures that occupy the lower part of the painting, gathered according to the incidence of light, in a tight and austere rhythm.

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