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Mazara del Vallo private Sicily wheelchair excursions.


Mazara del Vallo private Sicily wheelchair excursions

It is with the Phoenicians who begins the story that matters to Mazara del Vallo.

It was they, in fact, to turn it into a major trading port and called Mazar, "rock", understood as the boundary between the Greeks and the Selinuntini Moziesi Phoenicians.

In 406 a. C. Mazara del Vallo passes under the control of Segesta that is imposed on Selinunte.

Few years later, passed under dominion of Siracusa to be re-conquered by the Carthaginians that remain until 210 a. C.

At the end of Second Punic War began Roman rule.

Romans transformed Mazara del Vallo first Castrum and then in Statio experiencing a period of great prosperity.

After the fall of the Roman Mazara del Vallo passes, first under the rule of the Byzantines, and later the Vandals and Goths.

In 827 came the Arabs divided Sicily into three districts: Val di Mazara, Val Demone and Val di Noto.

Touring Mazara del Vallo

Remains of Punic domination can be seen instead of the Knights of Malta Palace.

While the museum of the Dancing Satyr is showcasing a stone slab with Phoenician inscription.

Thanks to Roger I in the place of an earlier mosque was built the Basilica Cathedral.

It overlooks the Piazza Della Repubblica, which houses also the Bishop's Palace of the XVI century and the Palace of the Bishop's Seminary, 1710.

Among the several museums worth visiting the Museum of the Satyr and the Diocesan Museum.

They are accessible to all and provided with facilities for the disabled, while they are the Civic Museum, the Garibaldi Theater and the former Church of St. Ignatius.


Despite the work of transformation accomplished by the Normans, the city still has many distinctive features of Arab-Berber culture.

The most obvious sign is the Islamic imprint of the road layout of the ancient Arab city, aptly named Kasbah.

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