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Morgantina Wheelchair Accessible Tours

A few kilometers from Piazza Armerina, in the district of Serra Orlando, in the center of Sicily.

Protected by steep slopes, close to the river Gornalunga, once called Albos, the ancient river source primary for life that with its waters made fertile the surrounding valleys.

In this contest you can find the remains of Morgantina.

Due to its very high position in Aidone you can breathe a fresh and pure air and you can enjoy enchanting views that open in every direction.

From Mount Etna to Nebrodi, from the Plains of Catania to the Ionian Sea, up to Syracuse.

A few kilometers from the city of Aidone is the archaeological site of Morgantina disabled accessible tours, one of the most important in Sicily, although little known to many.

Greek In Sicily

Ancient strategic center, which became of considerable importance during the Greek period, was brought to light in 1955 thanks to a series of excavations.

Morgantina disabled accessible tours, defined, not wrongly, the Sicilian Pompeii is the direct witness of an archaeological history of Sicily.

This ancient city was located in the middle of some hills and, in the central part, extended the Agora which was dominated by the "Hill of the Citadel", the site of the Acropolis where there were square huts typical of an agricultural village.

The Calcidesi of Catania soon arrived and in 211 a. C., during the Punic Wars, Morgantina sided with the Carthaginians and the Romans destroyed it.

Today Morgantina disabled accessible tours, is an archaeological site you can admire the ancient walls that do not have any tower, only the bulwarks that opened at the four doors.

In the acropolis, beyond the huts, there is also the sacred area that includes small temples and an archaic Naiskos, a temple with a length of 32 meters from the VI century BC.

Around Aidone nature seems to have run wild to spread its varieties.

Lush woods, green hills, golden valleys, fertile plains, waterways give the landscape incomparable colors and scents.

The small village of ancient origins is located in one of the most interesting cultural and naturalistic areas of Central Sicily.

In its territory there are ancient well preserved farms and some medieval jewels.

On a hillock above a stream, the elegant Church of St Mark of 1140 and on a gigantic rock, the Castle of Pietratagliata or Gresti.

The castle stands on a spur of rock overlooking the valley of the Gresti stream.

Absolutely isolated, the ruins conform perfectly with the surrounding environment, forming an almost perfect union between history and environment, almost unique suggestion throughout Sicily.

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