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On the West coast of Sicily extends Sciacca, in the province of Agrigento, famous for its carnival but also for its sea and its thermal baths.

The town of Sciacca is surrounded by beauty: the clear sea of ​​the Sicilian Channel with the island of Pantelleria, and the most distant Tunis.

Close by the ancient Greek city of Eraclea Minoa and Selinunte.

Just further South East the city of the Valley of the Temples, Agrigento, east of San Calogero Mountain, where are the thermal waters.

Sciacca History

But there is more. The name Sciacca, formerly Xacca, comes from buckwheat Xech which means Lady, Governor, but this is not the only meaning given name.

Others say the name comes from Xach which means Mercury or Pomona, goddess of abundance.

Or even that it is of Arab origin with the meaning of separation, the fact that, in this city is marked, formerly, the boundary between two different provinces.

Other studies attribute the origin of the name of Sciacca but always at the end Syac Arabic which means "bath" in reference to the sea or to the famous Spa.

With the arrival of the Greeks, Sciacca became a province of Selinunte destined to the thermal baths "Terme Selinuntine".

Suffered his own fate, in fact, in 409 BC fell into the hands of the Carthaginians, and was the scene of two important battles.

In the III AC came the Romans who called Terme Selinuntine, Aquae Labodes, and became postal station for communications with the Empire.

But it was mostly the Arabs and the Normans to leave their indelible imprints.

The narrow lanes reminiscent of a Casbah and lead the visitor to the essential Norman Churches, the defensive wall and to the Luna Castle where you overlook the city.

Touring Sciacca

Sciacca is a very old city with a rich artistic buildings.

In the XV and XVI centuries the medieval architecture was replaced by the most sumptuous palaces of the aristocracy and landed Charles V built a fortress.

Very picturesque and characteristic is the Steripinto Palace.

Is a XV century building with the facade painted with elegant mullioned windows and battlements dovetail.

Once in Sciacca, you can not leave without having taken a bath in a beautiful sea that from a distance looks Africa.

But also a relaxing treat Antrotherapy, maybe in San Calogero stoves on Mount Kronio.

Each year, Sciacca Carneval also relives his famous parade of allegorical calluses, a tradition that has been repeated since the XVI century.

A crystalline sea, thermal baths, a busy fishing harbor, narrow streets and Norman Churches. All this is Sciacca,

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