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Vucciria Market
Vucciria Market Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Vucciria Market Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Vucciria Market Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The Vucciria Market wheelchair accessible tours, is one of the oldest local markets in Palermo.

Walking along the streets of some districts of Palermo, you have the impression of being in one of the souks of any Muslim city.

Not for nothing, some markets were created during the Arab domination, and even today, you can see their appearance, the habits of selling and buying, the colours, the smells, the custom of submerging streets and squares with stalls, baskets, colorful tents, typical of traditional North African markets.

The market in Piazza Caracciolo winds through adjacent alleys and streets and contains the true essence of the city, the energy and dynamism of the cosmopolitan culture of the Palermitans.

Accessible Vucciria Market

Formerly called La Bucceria from the French Boucherie, butcher's shop, since it was initially intended for the sale of meat.

Due to the usual loud shouting in the markets, this term in Palermo then became synonymous with din, also due to the shouts of the sellers and the swarming of people.

During the day, Vucciria is a market where you can buy a bit of everything, especially fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, but in the evening it transforms into a point of reference for the Palermo nightlife.

A meeting place that is always lively and festive, where music echoes until late at night and where you can dine on local delicacies.

Unique ways to experience the neighborhood atmosphere of Sicily's vibrant capital include seeing this colorful street market as part of a market food tours, a walking tours of Palermo.

Guided walking tours that highlight traditional Palermo street food almost always include a stop here, as well as at the city markets of Ballaro' and Capo.

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