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Scopello Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Scopello wheelchair accessible tours, is a famous seaside village in Sicily, is located in near Castellammare del Golfo, in the province of Trapani, located on the western coast of Sicily.

It is only 40 km from Trapani and about 77km from Palermo.

Visiting Scopello is a bit like taking a dive back in time, into a not too distant past, made up of fishermen, tuna and a life lived at sea.

In this area, fishing was the lifeblood that allowed people to work and the economy to flourish more and more.

Today, however, it is a beautiful museum where you can learn about the history of this ancient tradition, all immersed in a beautiful seascape.

The history of the village of Scopello is very ancient, as evidenced by some finds found in the Uzzo Cave, within the nearby Zingaro Reserve.

Archaeological excavations, carried out in the 70s, brought to light an interesting Mesolithic Necropolis.

It seems that the first inhabitants of the area, the Elimi, came here from Asia Minor and also founded Segesta and Erice.

The village as we can admire it today dates back to the XVII century, and is made up of a Baglio and a small square with the Church of St Maria delle Grazie.

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Arriving in town, the first thing you will see is the Scopello beach with the Faraglioni that rise proud and majestic, covered with thick vegetation, in the middle of a deep and very blue sea.

After that, looking up you will see this inlet rising between the steep cliffs in which the Tonnara Factory is located and two Towers, which are not part of the Tonnara area.

The Tonnara dates back to the XIII century, was subsequently enlarged by the San Clemente Family in the XV and XVI centuries, then by the Society of Jesus and finally by the Florio Family.

Here, immersed in a wonderful setting, you can learn the history of tuna fishing, a traditional activity and fundamental to the island's economy. Activity that continued until 1981.

In typical restaurants it is possible to taste local specialties such as Cous-Cous, Cunzatu Bread and of course fish-based dishes, such as Busiate with Tuna.

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