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Villa Romana del Tellaro
Villa Romana del Tellaro Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Villa Romana del Tellaro Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Villa Romana del Tellaro Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Along the provincial road that connects Noto with the Vendicari Reserve and the hamlet of Marzamemi, on the banks of the Tellaro River, stand the remains of an ancient XIX century farmhouse, under which, in the 70s, the remains of a vast villa from the Roman era.

After long years of excavations and restorations, the Villa Romana del Tellaro was opened to the public in 2008.

The Villa Romana del Tellaro wheelchair accessible tours, was discovered in 1971 thanks to clandestine excavations that took place in the Vaddeddi district ( Noto ).

It is a late imperial Roman villa.

Villa Romana del Tellaro dates back to the same era as the Villa Romana di Patti and the wonderful Villa Romana del Casale ( Piazza Armerina ).

All three of these villas are located in self-sufficient areas far from urban centers and in strategic points in the center of Sicily.

The contribution they give to the knowledge of the socio-economic structure of the island in late ancient times is of considerable importance.

Accessible Villa Romana del Tellaro

The rooms around the portico preserve a mosaic depicting elegant laurel festoons, which frame medallions decorated with geometric motifs.

This mosaic, unlike the others, was not detached for the restoration and therefore retains its original position.

Another mosaic however preserves, depicted in the centre, a small part of the scene of the redemption of Hector's body.

Unfortunately, only the lower left corner of this mosaic remains and it was possible to trace the figures depicted thanks to Greek engravings.

Starting from the left, Ulysses, Achilles ( only the upper part of the head has survived ) and Diomedes are represented, while no traces of Priam and the Trojans remain.

In the central room of the portico there is another mosaic depicting four large craters on the corners from which strips of leaves, fruits and flowers originate and join in an arch above four rectangular boxes.

Each panel depicts a Maenad and a Satyr Dancing while holding a musical instrument in their hands.

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